John’s lessons focus on classical, folk, and acoustic guitar styles. He incorporates music theory, technique, reading music notation, ear training, musicology, repertoire development, and performance into the lessons. John teaches students from beginner to advanced skill levels. No prior experience with the guitar is required.

Lessons are provided once per week unless a different arrangement is agreed upon. Lessons are typically held at John’s location; for an additional fee he travels to students. He also conducts guitar ensemble classes for students who are interested in learning and practicing in small group settings.

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“I have taken lessons with John for eight years. I have continued with lessons for so long because with John’s instruction I make consistent progress and continually expand and deepen my understanding of the elements of music. John is quite personable and provides a positive, pleasant atmosphere for learning.”

Vince M.

“John has been an excellent guitar instructor. He is proficient in a variety of guitar techniques and styles, and seems to have an everlasting supply of patience. He is especially competent in music theory, so if you have an interest in understanding what you learn, John is your guy.”

Davey R.

“John is a wonderful teacher. I appreciate his organized approach to teaching guitar. Every lesson includes basic sight-reading exercises and work on individual pieces, often with a discussion of music theory. Although his approach is systematic, he allows the student to choose pieces they enjoy hearing and playing so that things don’t become routine and boring. John is very observant and quick to offer constructive comments to correct technical errors, so they do not become bad habits. He does this in a friendly, non-judgemental manner. Overall, I have been happy with John as a teacher and plan to continue.”

Evelyn P.

“Before John began teaching me, I had played guitar before. I knew chords, the strings, the frets, and a few songs, but I never had any formal training. I’ve been working with John for a few months now, and I’ve learned so much. I’ve learned how to read music (an endeavor I never thought possible!), how to fingerpick, and some tremendous blues licks. He’s a very patient and flexible instructor who has been able to accommodate my busy schedule; swapping days around so I could get my lessons for the month. He’s a great teacher and friendly guy who loves what he does!”

Timothy T.



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